Open-FTIR is a low-cost, open-source solution for a multi-touch sensitive display. The system makes use of Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR), which is described in detail in Jeffrey Han's research paper presented at ACM UIST 2005. Jeffrey Han has been giving a number of talks on the technique and has a web page set up for his work. However he didn't release any of his software and hasn't provided a detailed description of how to construct your own screen beyond the research paper.

The goal of this project is to fill the gaps and produce a collection of artifacts needed for the development and use of such a display, including:

A very preliminary construction guide is available here.

Software will be made available through SourceForge. The first releases will be based on .NET, but will soon include support for OSG and possibly a generic TCP/IP interface. Later, support for Java, Python, etc. may be added if there is interest. An initial release is planned very shortly (august / sept 2006).

Currently this project is a collaboration between researchers at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and RWTH, Aachen, Germany, but we're always interested in new participants!


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